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flash movie, audio transcripts and power points from February 1 WEBinar (On demand WEBinar): 
Introduction to Managing Projects Well

This page will remain only 7-14 days

Playing/Downloading Instructions: 

You have three options: 
1. Run the WEBinar from here as a Flash movie (Option 1) 
2. Download the WEBinar Flash movie files, approximately 20-30MB (Option 2), or 
3. Download the compact audio and PowerPoints, approximately 4 –10 Mb (Option 3) 

Option 1: 

(Recommended for high connectivity speeds, i.e., servers and/or broadband. Presenter audio only.)

To run these files as a flash movie on your browser directly from our website via streaming audio/video: 

left click here. 

Option 2:

(Recommended for when you wish to retain the Flash movie files for later viewing.)

To download the three Flash movie files for later viewing, via Windows Internet Explorer using "Save Target As,"  saving all the files in the same folder without changing the file names: (then click on first downloaded file to run)

first  right click here 
then right click here 
then right click here.

Option 3: (See playback instructions below for option 3)

(Recommended for low connectivity speeds such as dial up; also audio on mp3 players, PowerPoint access, and high speed playback.)

To download compact audio and PowerPoint files: (Obviously, there is no Flash movie with this option.) 

Choose the quality of audio fidelity you’d like: (for dial-up, the lower fidelity wav (2Mb) is recommended.) 
Choice #1: high fidelity mp3 (8 Mb)
Choice #2: medium fidelity wav (4Mb) 
Choice #3: lower fidelity wav (2Mb)

All formats are readily understandable. 

Then, download the audio, whichever fidelity you choose: 

right click high fidelity mp3 audio, or
right click medium fidelity wav audio, or 
right click lower fidelity wav audio

Note: Unlike the Flash movie, the audio is of both the presenter and participants. It is best to download files then play them back from your hard disk. You may not be able to left click on the 2Mb audio, nor will it run in the "audio speedup" program described below.  2Mb audio runs only on Windows Media Player.

While listening to the audio, you will be manually advancing through the PowerPoints. 

Short on time? I (Steve) speak Southwestern, and if you are from the Northeast or you are short on time, we have included a special 


which you can download, install, and then playback using F12. Playback is twice as fast, at the same voice pitch, and you can actually understand it! This works only on 8 MB or 4MB audio files and not 2MB.

To download the PowerPoints: 

right click WEBinar Intro for WEBinar usage, and
right click Overview for the general objectives and layout,
right click Detail for the 14 detail objectives and their contents.

Playback recommendations for Option 3: 
We recommend the following playback steps, after all files are downloaded.
1. Start the PowerPoint
2. Then, start and pause the audio
3. Start the slide show in PowerPoint
4. Then, resume play on your audio player