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June 5, 2013: Assembling the Right Project Team

You will be enrolled in the live WEBinar.  Caution: live order alone does not include On Demand contents, nor does it include "soft copies" of PowerPoints.  You will also not get emergency PowerPoints the night before as backup should your online fail. To get these, you should order "both".

Unsure of connectivity? Especially if you are new, use our test WEBinar, now up 24/7.

Important: If you, the cardholder, are not the attendee:

  • Please enroll and pay using the attendee's name, phone, and email address, not your own. Why? Phone number can be your work phone rather than home phone if you wish.

  • If credit card issuer requires cardholder's name, at least use the attendee's email address and phone, not your own. We will then need an email from you clarifying the mismatch listing both names and both email addresses. Otherwise, attendee will be denied access the meeting.

Although we use the PayPal "engine" to process orders, you will note MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover are valid cards, not just PayPal.


Do not use this option if you have multiple attendees under one registration.  Go back to the registration page and select the both option instead.

Registration for "live" event only, no multiple attendees $49.95
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