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Be sure your PC, browser cache, spam blocker, and server firewall are pre-conditioned.  No refunds or exchanges for no-shows or un-conditioned PCs or servers.  On Demand link available for 7-14 days after order only.  Live WEBinar registration closes one day before event.  Click on WEBinar preparation for more.  See our Customer Satisfaction and Return Policy for terms.  Address other questions via our "Frequently Asked Questions" and our WEBinars and Resources as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions are indexed here, and appear in full at the end of this page. 

How do I Order and Register?
Are DVDs Available for On Demand Contents?
How do Group Registrations Work?
What Live WEBinar preparations should I make?
Attendee name on my credit card?
New order look and feel?
New WEBinar system?
Can we use purchase orders?
Any alternatives to Credit cards?
When do I need an expanded use number?
Live or On Demand?
How do On Demand flash movies work?
How long is On Demand good for?
On Demand movie or audio/PowerPoint files?
Multiple WEBinars.  Multiple On Demands?
Who can attend live WEBinars, and how?
How do I know WEBinars work on my machine?
I have done pre-conditioning, still doesn't work.  What now?
I'm new to WEBinars.  How do they work?
Why didn't I get my link via email?
May I share On Demand Links?
What's the cost?
What does my screen look like?
What does a WEBinar offer?
Why do we use telephone instead of VOIP?
How much do I pay for the teleconference?
Will I need special software?
WEBinars were free, now they cost money.  Why?
What more do I get with paid WEBinars vs. free ones?
How do free WEBinars work?
My credit card was declined.  How come?
Can I order multiple WEBinars with one order?
Bill address, Ship address, multiple emails.  Help!
Can I get a receipt?
Do I get audio/PowerPoints when I order the live WEBinar?
How does the video work?
Do I get a refund if I cannot attend? Can I substitute?
Can I substitute without email access?
Can I get recertification credits?

Frequently Asked Questions

No physical products are shipped, unless you order the On Demand DVD; the entire process of ordering, payment, and order fulfillment is via email.  Be sure you can receive emails from us.

  • Select the desired WEBinar subject.
    The "event" page for your chosen WEBinar is found on our website, both on the home page, and under "WEBinars" within "site navigation" at the upper left of any of our web pages.  If you got an email promotion from The Quality Connection, Unicom, QAI India, QAI USA, or other sponsors, the registration link in that email points to the current event page as well.

  • Determine time: Domestic / International.
    The recommended countries and times are contained on the events page, which contains a link to find out when it is offered in your country.

  • Determine type: live, On Demand, or both.
    There is substantial savings ordering On Demand with live, at the same time.  Remember, live alone does not include PPTs.  For series, there may be promotions offering groups of future WEBinars at additional savings.

  • Determine attendee count for groups.
    We encourage multiple attendees under 1 registration, typically in a conference room using a speaker phone and video projector.  We now charge for additional attendees, although rates are highly discounted.  For more info, click here.

  • Be sure it will run on your machine (before or after order): WEBinar Preparation.
    You will need at least basic outside internet access.  Firewalls are often so great that lead times must be used if your server administrator is involved. 

  • Order product, using your (the attendee's) name and email address.
    When completing registration for live orders, use the attendee's name and email address.  Even if another cardholder is placing the order for you, attempt using the attendee's name in the credit card order field; it will probably work.  Email address should be readily and frequently accessible from the WEBinar location, even if you had to list a home email due to company SPAM restrictions, for example.

  • Paypal processes the order; you can use your own credit card instead.
    You don't have to have a Paypal login, account, or debit card at all.

  • You get an instant web page and email receipt.
    This comes from Paypal.  Note: you won't get the Paypal receipt via email (or even your order, for that matter) at your workstation unless you list your workstation's email address.  You may have to use a web-based email access if you listed your home email address instead. The email address must be that of the attendee, not necessarily the one placing the order.

  • In 30 minutes, you get your order via email.
    We promise the order in 1-7 days; however, most all of the time, we automatically process orders every 20 minutes.  Your order may come in as quickly as just a few minutes, depending on email traffic and processing cycle time.  Your order will be an email having a hidden web link (past On Demand orders), or a notification of order receipt (for WEBinars that have not happened yet), or a live registration link, with telecom phone numbers and instructions (live orders).

  • In 1-7 days, for live orders, you get your login ID and password.
    Once we install your name and login on our system and get a password, we will email that to you.

  • For live orders, click link in the order, enter your login ID and password.
    Do this right away, testing links and data for corruption.  The login ID will be the same email address you ordered with.  

  • Join WEBinar early, consider viewing movie.
    It takes a little time to log into the telephone teleconference and enter passcodes, to log into the meeting, and wait for the presentation to download fully to your machine.  We start promptly on time.  Join us 15 minutes early to attend the new attendee WEBinar orientation, or view the movie instead. The earlier you join, the more choices you have in case your equipment doesn't work right;  we can still email you the powerpoints and you can view them offline while attending the teleconference, without missing any of the presentation.

    Join using your login ID and password; do not join as a guest.  If prompted to install a browser add-in, accept it if you are allowed to; connection speeds will be faster and connection problem handling will be more robust.

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Yes! We now offer "hardcopy" DVDs of the On Demand video content (as well as audios, documents, and Power Points)  as an additional option to your On Demand order.

  • Domestic (USA) orders and shipping only without prior arrangement.

  • DVD plays on your TV or PC on high resolution, faster frame rate, because file size is not restricted.

  • DVD image is slightly shrunk to fit on your TV.  Older TVs "overscan" to avoid black borders, which would otherwise cut off some of the PPT image.

  • DVD also includes digital On Demand contents, including flash video, teleconference audio, Power Points, documents, and other files.

  • DVD shipped via Fedex or UPS ground with tracking number emailed, shortly after the On Demand contents become available.  

  • Most of the DVD price is for order processing, production, and mailing costs, not licensing.

  • DVD order is always in addition to, not instead of, your regular On Demand license fee.  You will continue to get email with hidden link to download softcopy contents if you wish, although contents are on DVD also. 

  • Sharing of the DVD is permitted on exactly the same basis as your On Demand license.  That is, no sharing for individual orders, you can use it at home and at work, and small groups who attended at the same workstation can share.

  • Duplication of the DVD is permitted only to the extent sharing is permitted.  The DVD is not copy protected.

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We encourage multiple attendees under a single registration, typically in a conference room using a speaker phone and video projector.  Multiple attendees under a single registration are available only for the "both" option and not for On Demand only, or "live" only registrations.

For about 3 years, we have granted additional attendance under a single registration at no additional charge, to promote and encourage the idea.  The common phrase, "if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is" did not apply during this period!  The idea of group attendance has now caught on.  We also note that the value of the experience to additional attendees is nearly the same as that of the primary registrant.  Additional attendees are equal participants via speakerphone, can get PDU and CPE credit under certain circumstances, and get to share On Demand contents.

We now charge a fee for additional attendees, at a highly and progressively discounted rate.  The savings are even deeper when combined with a registration for an entire series.  On Demand contents can continue to be shared among attending group members for no additional surcharge.

The honor system is used for you to report additional attendees.  Accurate forecasting of the minimum number of additional attendees results in the deepest discount due to sliding scale.  Substitutions are permitted at any time.  No refunds are offered for no-shows.  You are required to accurately report actual attendance increases at or near the time of the WEBinar, at a fixed discounted rate.

PDU and CPE credit is available for all attendees.  CPE credit is offered provided a supplementary meeting is held as described here. On Demand contents may be shared among those who actually attended as described here.


  • Group attendance (i.e., "conference room", multiple attendees under a single registration) are available to registrants for both live and On Demand, not either one alone.

  • If ordering for just yourself, select "Single Attendee."  The majority of attendees will select this option, including attendees at the same organization at different geographical locations or buildings.

  • If ordering for a group, select "Multiple Attendees."

  • Best discounted pricing occurs when you accurately estimate the minimum number of attendees in advance, at the time of initial order, due to progressive discounting and sliding scale.  When having 6 or more attendees, it pays to forecast this in advance.  All attendees over 10 total come free of charge.

  • As with all live WEBinars, there are no refunds or WEBinar exchanges for no-shows or unconditioned PCs or servers.  However, attendee substitutions are welcomed at any time.

  • If adding attendees after initial order, select "Added Attendees." If you have purchased multiple WEBinars in a series, the added attendees are added individually for each WEBinar in the series, typically after each WEBinar.

  • Shortly before or immediately after the live WEBinar, we expect you to accurately increase the attendance to the actual number.  Added attendees are discounted, but not as much as with the initial order.

  • Do not attempt to intermix orders for current live WEBinars or On Demands with past, archival On Demand WEBinars in the same order.  One will pre-empt the other.  However, multiple past archived On Demand recordings may be placed on a single separate order.

  • PDU credit for PMI may be obtainable for group attendance.  QAI CPE credit is available as well, provided a subsequent meeting is held discussing the concepts and attendance is recorded, as described here.

  • Unlike normal On Demand contents, which cannot be shared, actual attendees may share the link or the DVD for the On Demand as described here.

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Our new WEBinar system is more robust, and more likely to run on your system.  However, today's firewalls can still be such that good preparation is a must.  You can confirm that your system will work prior to purchase.

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We have numerous cases where the cardholder (e.g., company card) is different than the live attendee.  We have to notify the WEBinar service provider, electronically and automatically, of the actual attendee.  We get this information from the payment records unless we hear differently from you.  The payment registration system does not currently permit different "ship to" and "bill to" names and emails.  Simply paying for the WEBinar by a different person will not grant access to the actual attendee.  

During payment, the card issuer generally permits mismatching names (if you, the purchaser, are not the attendee) as long as address, zip code, and security code matches.  If the card issuer denies the order, switch to your name, and still use the attendee's phone number and email address.  We will then need an email from you clarifying who paid and who is attending in that case.

  • If we don't know attendee name, they won't be allowed in

  • Use attendee name and email regardless of credit card

  • Use attendee email if name is denied, notify us

  • We need to know who is actually attending in advance

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Our old WEBinar service provider, Convoq, host of ASAP meetings, has ceased to be in the business of providing our WEBinar backbone.  We have since switched to Adobe Connect Professional as our service provider.

  • System is much more robust

  • More users are allowed in

  • Fewer connectivity problems exist

  • Better graphical quality, more annotation tools

  • More interactive polls

  • Integrated question and answer facility

  • Test WEBinar facilities now up 24/7

  • For a quick screen orientation, click here.

  • For a WEBinar orientation, click here.

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We have increased automation of our site, are using the shopping cart concept, and now honor Paypal.  Here are a few of the changes:

  • Different website confirmation

  • Immediate email printable receipt

  • We now honor Discover as well as MC, Visa, Amex

  • Easier transaction edits with shopping cart concept

  • Paypal honored

  • Rapid link deployment

  • Self-registration and email verification link

  • More rapid deployment of On-Demand orders

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Generally not.  You should try to use credit cards or Paypal.  Corporate or government customers should either use company / government cards, or their own personal card and turn in an expense report for reimbursement.

  • Minimum purchase order amount is USD $500;  Call us for exceptions

  • Purchase order must be sent electronically

  • We do not do invoices; you may construct an electronic invoice, which we will email back to you

  • Payment by check must be received prior to WEBinar

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Our primary payment vehicle is company / government / personal credit cards.  The Paypal registration and payment system also accepts paypal accounts and cards.  Other vehicles are available under certain conditions.

  • Other vehicles require advance permission

  • Check must be received prior to WEBinar

  • Overseas orders: courier tracking number of check must be received before WEBinar

  • Purchase orders require USD $500 minimum

  • Direct deposits in our account prohibited

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For added security, especially for overseas accounts, our Paypal registration system may require added verification, called an expanded use number.

  • If notified during registration, pay a small fee to get the expanded use number; fee is refunded later

  • This number is placed on your credit card statement

  • Only the statement holder or person with online access to the statement can get the number

  • Submit the number and re-register to complete the process

  • Neither we nor Paypal is allowed to give out the number in any other form, including mail, email, or phone

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Live WEBinar advantages:

  • Fully interactive experience

  • Presenter sequences the slides

  • Q and A with presenter

  • Dialogue with other attendees

  • Live screen shots, chat, links, transcripts

  • Slide annotation and markup

  • PDU, CPE certification credits

  • Small groups can attend

  • Next best thing to stand-up instruction

On Demand advantages:

  • WEBinar on your schedule

  • Great review tool

  • Most economical option

  • Materials available for future reference

  • PowerPoints and audio files for your reference

  • DVD available

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Some On Demand WEBinar products/tools include, as an early registration bonus, a "movie" of the WEBinar.  This movie is available for a short time after the live WEBinar concludes.   Unlike the audio and PowerPoint downloads, which are always provided, the slides advance by themselves.  

  • Movie typically not suitable for dial-up connections

  • High bandwidth (server, DSL, or Cable) required

  • Although On Demand, it is similar to live experience

  • No CPE recertification credits or live interaction

  • Playback from our site for a limited period

  • You can download movie for indefinite future use

  • For a live sample, click here

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To prevent unauthorized copying, and to minimize load of large files on our server, your On Demand order is good for only 7 to 14 days.  

  • On Demand is not available until after live WEBinar completes

  • It may take from 1 to 7 days for On Demand files to be prepared

  • Your link is good for only 7 to 14 days after you get it

  • Downloaded files, however, are good indefinitely

  • If you didn't receive your link within 1-7 days of your order, contact us

  • If out of office, have someone else do the downloads for you

  • DVDs, if ordered, do not expire

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Your WEBinar On Demand order gives you any or all of 3 options: play the live movie, download the live movie (early order bonuses), and download audio / PowerPoint files.

  • Movie is of presenter's voice only, not participants

  • Movie is short-term early order bonus

  • "Hardcopy" requires audio/ppt downloads

  • Movies are big; suitable for broadband

  • Downloaded movies ideal for slower machines

  • Downloaded audio includes participants also

  • To view options, look at sample WEBinar page

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It is not unusual for the same live program to be repeated at different times during the day.  This is especially true when the same subject is presented at times appropriate for Asia/India audiences, as well as Americas/Europe.  High demand can also permit repeats of the same live program.

  • Usually only one On Demand program is recorded

  • Saves space and eliminates confusion

  • Your On Demand may not be for your live event

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Anyone who visits our WEBinar events pages and finds the subject useful is welcome to attend.  This includes individual contributors as well as people at all levels of management.  

  • Start by registering for the event.  If this is your first time, come 15 minutes early.

  • You can register individually for best interaction and slide mark-up between you and the instructor.

  • We also encourage small groups to gather in a room using a speakerphone with one screen/projector and one registration.  On Demand audio can be shared in that case. Recertification credits are available to the main registrant, and others in that group provided a discussion is held afterwards. A discounted fee is charged for additional attendees.

  • Geographically diverse groups from the same company or agency can independently register and attend at the same time, to have the same experience.

  • Multi-site and multi-office groups can remain on the audio teleconference after the event to discuss implementation ideas and content review strategies.

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Because live WEBinars use Flash technology, rather than often-firewalled javascripts, the vast majority of private, commercial, and government users have no problems.  Nonetheless, security precautions in some installations are so severe that ordinary web access, downloads, and even innocuous emails are often barricaded.  We keep contents simple enough to avoid most spam blockers and firewalls. We also provide measures that help you test and pre-condition your PC, server, firewall, and spam blockers.  Here are ways you can be sure in advance:

  • No special software is required, other than that normally installed on most machines.
  • Pre-check access to these sites via click:

  • Check download ability, 

  • Be sure you can get emails from ; receiving your registration confirmation OK proves your spam checker allows our emails in

  • Clear your browser cache often

  • Refresh pages often during registration

  • Insure you have newest flash via Flash version check

  • If not, Install Flash getting current version

  • Pre-test live access on Monday before WEBinar

  • Test your access to broadband movies here

  • For full details, see registration details

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We will assure your positive experience.  Make sure you have gotten your systems/firewall administrators involved.  You can also use alternative sites or computers.  At the very least, we will give you the PowerPoint files and you will still join the audio teleconference.  Although offline from the web, you will still have a high quality interaction and dialogue with the presenter and other attendees.

  • Be sure you have followed the steps in registration details

  • Get your systems/firewall people and tech support involved, with enough lead time for them to take action

  • Pre-conditioning one month does not guarantee it the next month; systems administrators upgrade their systems all the time;  Briefly recertify your system each time

  • Bring in your laptop from home and connect via dialup to a fax line;  That generally always works

  • Consider connecting via WiFi to a public hotspot

  • You can connect from home

  • If your organization has "contractor ports" not subject to firewalls, consider using those

  • If alternatives don't work for you, contact us (see registration details) and we will send you the PowerPoints; you can scroll through those offline while on the audio teleconference

WEBinars are a new technology blending Web access, telephone teleconference, instant chat messaging, rich media sharing (screens, PowerPoints) live video feed, interactivity, and document/slide annotation.  To be an active rather than passive attendee, it is helpful to understand WEBinar functionality well.  Furthermore, On Demand (archived) WEBinars now include flash movies, documents, audios, and PowerPoints. More detail is found on WEBinars and Resources.

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Even if you got an acknowledgement of your order, the email containing your live reservation link or your On Demand links may have been filtered out as spam.  Sometimes this is because the links are sent out as a group (hidden to protect your privacy) and sometimes embedded links or attachments trigger the spam filtering mechanism.

  • Be sure that are listed as "friendly" to any spam filters;  see registration details.

  • You may have mistyped your office email during payment/registration.

  • You may have listed your home email during payment/registration and your link was sent to that address instead, unexpectedly.

  • We normally expect you to enter an email address during payment/registration that is an office email address. We expect this email will be accessible from the same work station that will be used for live attendance.  

  • If you cannot overcome office spam filters, consider listing your home email address instead.  Of course, you won't be getting last minute email updates unless you access your home email from your office.

  • Remember that it takes 1-7 days from receipt of your order for an acknowledgement or link.

  • On Demand WEBinar contents are processed from the live WEBinar.  It takes time to digitize the contents and create the audio and movie files.  These are ready 1-7 days after the live event. DVDs are shipped shortly thereafter.

  • If it is more than 7 days after your order, or within 1 day of the live event, and you don't have your email, contact us.

  • Be sure to check your spam folder frequently after your order to be sure to get your order.

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Generally speaking, we ask you to not share On Demand information with others, except as noted below.  Others can purchase their own link.  The link changes every 1-2 weeks to reduce fraudulent proliferation.  Contents, once downloaded, do not expire.  DVD contents do not expire. 

  • If you purchased On Demand only, please do not share with others.

  • Contents are for personal viewing and training purposes only.

  • Anyone is authorized to make 1 additional copy from their desktop to their own laptop or home machine.

  • We encourage small groups to attend live WEBinars together; examples include groups in a conference room using a speakerphone.  Each person who actually attended that live WEBinar in the same room may share the On Demand contents ordered by the main registrant for no additional surcharge.

  • If you were scheduled to attend as part of a small group under a single registration, and were included in the attendee count and payment, but did not attend live yourself, then you are not entitled to the On Demand contents.  Anyone who actually substituted for you, however, and actually attended, may share the On Demand.

  • If you attended the live WEBinar by yourself (your own login id) then any On Demand WEBinar you order is for your exclusive use.

  • DVDs can be shared, or even duplicated and shared, on exactly the same basis as emailed On Demand links stated above.  Do not share the DVD contents beyond that permitted above for On Demand link contents.

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Some are free, most are available at nominal cost.  Go to our tools/products page for pricing on paid WEBinars.

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Go to this link for an example:

  • For a live interactive look, as well as a test, go to our free Monday WEBinar.

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  • Live visuals and power points, interactive with attendees
  • Live Q and A based on materials, in real time
  • Ability to gather joint thoughts and post them to a shared document
  • Ability to instantly share files and documents with attendees
  • Live discussions with panels of experts
  • Ability to review materials after the WEBinar has ended

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Technology is not sufficiently advanced to offer VOIP in a quality way to all customers.  Even in the USA, several seconds of delay back and forth are common.  Outside the US, voice can be particularly choppy and interrupted.  Also, not everyone has an internet microphone and headset.  Most people have hands-free telephone headsets or speakerphones for teleconferences, which is recommended.

  • Telephone Teleconference is always offered, best quality
  • Especially overseas, you may use VOIP-to-telephone number connections to save expense, some choppiness possible
  • Some WEBinars for overseas customers may offer simultaneous pure VOIP; greatest amount of choppiness possible
  • Telecom and live WEBinar expense may be eased when Multi-Nationals elect to position multiple attendees in a conference room / speakerphone environment

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No teleconference bridge charge!  All you pay is your normal long distance charges.  We do not provide a toll-free teleconference number. In today's world, long distance charges are quite modest.

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No!  Most computers come pre-packaged with Macromedia Flash, which is required.  You can do a Flash version check.  If your computer is not up to date with Flash, you can Install Flash giving you the current version free of charge.

If, when logging in for the first time, Adobe recommends that you install an add-in, we recommend that you do this.  Although the add-in is not required, your experience will be more flexible and robust if you do, and you will not be denied any presentation features.

To get the most from the WEBinar, you will need authorization to do downloads, have access to certain websites thru your firewall, and receive emails from us not blocked by your spam checker.  Details are in your registration instructions.

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We will still do some free WEBinars from time to time, and the majority are now paid WEBinars.  Here is some of the reasoning:

  • Intensive demand and limited space caused many to not be able to attend.  
  • Many perceived that the value received must be equal to the price paid, so we had many register who did not show up.  This forced us to overbook and use an unconfirmed seating arrangement.  Rushing in at the start time for the few available seats was a lot like the Mexican street bull-chases you may have seen on TV.  
  • Above a certain number, our WEBinar service provider charges us by the minute per participant.  This forces us to put a small cap on number of attendees, and WEBinars were marked as FULL quite early (Sometimes within 2 hours of opening of registration).
  • During the "Mexican Bull Chase", unconfirmed registrants were turned away only 11 seconds after WEBinar opened.

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Free WEBinars are still run occasionally.  They may be used to showcase certain programs, launch new products, provide benefits over the holidays or as a public service, or be offered to existing customers as part of a continuing contract.  

  • The number of seats is more limited than paid WEBinars since we cannot use registration revenue to fund the surcharges we pay on extra registrants.

  • Because there is no consequence to not attending, many people drop out, causing under-utilization and service to very few customers; we overbook to maximize attendance. 

  • Registration attendance (tentative confirmations) are automatically limited, but are overbooked according to a formula such that attendance is maximized with a minimum of denied logins. While we can't predict the future, we hope to get the overbooking ratio as close to true demand as possible.

  • We delay initial registration until a publicized time to give everyone a fair shot at getting a tentative confirmation slot.  Getting that slot does not assure entry, however.

  • If more people attend than expected, it is important for you to login promptly at the login start time to minimize your chance of being denied entry.

  • You are automatically put on our mailing list unless you un-check the box requesting it.

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  • Guaranteed seats
  • Come as early or as late as you like
  • No rush for registration or login
  • Additional document sharing, including participant contributions in live documents
  • High fidelity audio downloads
  • Flash movies of WEBinar in On Demand
  • Panel of experts presentations
  • Long-term access to On Demand WEBinars

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Your credit card may not be honored for a variety of reasons.  You may need to contact your financial institution if problems persist.  Here are some things you can check:

  • You need to complete all required fields to finish the data entry page and go to credit card validation.

  • Occasionally, especially if you did not clear your cache, you might accidentally order a live WEBinar that has already taken place.  Your "order details" message will show $0 charged, and that the WEBinar has already taken place.  Your credit card is not charged.

  • You know the transaction was successful when you get an order confirmation with a dollar amount charged, with confirmation codes (authorization and transaction IDs).  These responses, when printed, become your receipt.

  • The billing address and zip code must match the credit card address of record.  These might not be obvious if using company credit cards.

  • The cardholder name on the billing address and the credit card entry may sometimes have to match.  The cardholder name is not always printed on company credit cards, and may not be known to most people in the organization.

  • There must be a match of expiration date and 3 or 4 digit security code on the back.  Use only the last 3 or 4 digits of the printed security code.

  • Individuals in organizations do not always know the billing address for their company/organization card.  It may be simpler to use your personal card, where you know the information, and put it on your expense report.

  • If you have repeated problems with entry, or declines, retry with your personal card.  If still unsuccessful, or you want to be sure your card was not charged (or charged multiple times) please contact us.

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No.  The entry form allows for one registrant.  There is very little information that is the same between registrants.  Although our new processing system may allow for a quantity greater than 1, each attendee has an unique name, email address, phone number, etc. 

  • The entry form allows for only one entry.  

  • Multiple orders from the same organization are handled by multiple transactions.

  • Multiple On Demand orders may be placed by the same person in the same financial transaction, provided it is not mixed with live orders.

  • If you expect a large number of attendees on one purchase, you can call us.  Please email us the names and email addresses in advance.

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We use the same order form for tangible products/tools (books, workbooks, CDs, etc.) as for WEBinar orders.  The cardholder can be at a different location than the product receiver.  This is still often true with intangible products /tools such as WEBinars, since the "recipient" can have a different location from the company credit card sponsor.

  • Only one enrollment is processed per transaction, even if the same credit card is used to fund multiple enrollees.

  • Be careful when typing in the email address, since the new system allows for typing it in only once; there is no confirmation entry.

  • You must have frequent and open access to the email address you list with your order, from the same location where you will be attending (for live WEBinars).  For example, if you list a home email to avoid corporate spam filters, you must be able to access that email frequently from the office.

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  • A successful order shows what you purchased with a non-zero dollar amount, with confirmation codes.  Those screen images, when printed, can serve as your receipt.

  • You should get a payment receipt almost immediately by email, if your email address is correct.  If you didn't, your server blocked it or it was mistyped; call us immediately.

  • Your primary receipt is the web page acknowledgement immediately after your order.  

  • No.  That is included in the "both" option on the product page.
  • If you later decide you want to order the On Demand version, that can be done at any time.
  • You get more than a 50% price reduction of the On Demand version when you order both at the same time, because we only have to process the order once.

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Live video feed is displayed of the presenter(s). There is a time delay, so reading lips doesn't generally work.  Even if you have a camera, your video will not generally be displayed, although the moderator may choose to display your camera feed if you become one of the presenters.  

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  • WEBinars are non-cancelable and non-refundable.  Like low priced airfares, we keep our costs down this way.  We have to pay for the space from our WEBinar provider when you register, whether you attend or not.
  • You are allowed substitutions by someone who can share your email address, as the primary registrant.  Additional attendees as part of a group under a single registration can be substituted at any time.
  • You can pick up your On Demand WEBinar, if you ordered it, from any computer at your convenience within 7-14 days after your notice of availability.  You can be on the road and do this.

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  • The original registrants can forward their registration link to you.  Click on that link to join the meeting.  You will appear under their name and their email address.
  • You will not get any registration reminders, chat transcripts, or WEBinar evaluations unless you can access that registrant's email or unless you have that email forwarded to you.
  • If a new registration link needs to be sent to you in an emergency to restart the meeting, you will not receive it.
  • Once registered, we are unable to delete a registration or change the email address ID of that registration.
  • You might be able to "share" emails, if permitted, using the following method:
    (1) The original registrants should not share their original logon ID for security.
    (2) Only if permitted by your computer security people, the original registrant can temporarily construct a new password known only to themselves and you while they are away.
    (3) You can log into their computer, or their domain and email ID, to receive these emails you might otherwise miss.

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  • Project-related WEBinars qualify for PDU credits under category 4 for PMI (Project Management Institute) to maintain PMP credentials.
  • Quality-related WEBinars qualify for CPE credits for QAI (Quality Assurance Institute) to maintain CSQA credentials.
  • Testing-related WEBinars qualify for CPE credits for QAI to maintain CSTE credentials.
  • You may qualify for other continuing education credits from other organizations depending upon their criteria.
  • On Demand WEBinars do not qualify for CPE credits, but may qualify for PDU credits.
  • To qualify for CPE credits, you must enroll in, and attend, a live WEBinar.  An attendance verification will be sent to you via email.  It is advisable to retain a copy of the online WEBinar brochure as needed by certification requirements.
  • When multiple people attend a live WEBinar using 1 registration (in a conference room, for example) normally only the primary registrant gets recertification credits, except as noted below. 
  • Multiple people attending from the same organization, whether or not at the same physical site, can all independently register and all get recertification credits.
  • We understand that not everyone in a group attending a live WEBinar are always active participants.  Under certain circumstances, multiple attendees for a live WEBinar using only 1 live registration can claim CPE recertification credits, as follows:
  •    (1) The display must be large enough for all to clearly see the powerpoints (either large screen or video projector).
  •    (2) An attendance log, signed by all participants, must be maintained and signed by a manager.  It is recommended, but not required, that a copy of this log be faxed or scanned in / emailed to the QAI.
  •    (3) A group discussion among the participants must be held following the WEBinar, discussing such things as lessons learned, how it applies to their work, what changes might be made, etc.  This discussion should be at least as long as the WEBinar itself, and should be attested to on the attendance log signed by the manager.

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Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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