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We make our WEBinars available in three (3) forms:

  1. Live to optimize attendee interaction,  and
  2. On Demand, or in archival or pre-recorded form, to fit your schedule and convenience. 
  3. Both Live and On Demand


Live WEBinars require entry of the attendee's name and email address during payment.  The next email that you get after registration contains a link you use to join the meeting at the selected time, including links to test connectivity. A substantial discount for the On Demand version is available when ordered with the live WEBinar.

For both our paid and free WEBinars, we provide enrollees with the following: 

  • An e-mail with an unique, private link to join the WEBinar and the teleconferencing phone number and access codes -- no special software or downloaded programs needed.
  • Instructions to pre-condition your computer, conduct a practice login to a test WEBinar.
  • Both live and pre-recorded orientations to our WEBinar interface for first-time users. 
  • A transcript of the chat log with your own and others' comments and questions, following the WEBinar.

Answers to many other questions you might have are addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

See Live WEBinar system requirements and preparation.

On Demand (pre-recorded)

On Demand WEBinars are pre-recorded versions of past live WEBinars. We provide links to the pre-recorded audio, Power Points and documents.  No CDs are provided or mailed. Although not valid for QAI recertification credits, the contents can be downloaded and viewed at your convenience.

  1. Past (previously recorded) We'll email you a link to a page on our website to download the On Demand WEBinar. The link includes  are shipped via emailed link to a hidden page on our website, which has links to movies, PPTs, audio files, and documents.

  2. Upcoming (to be recorded) We'll email you a link in the same way as a "past" (previously recorded WEBinar) automatically after the live WEBinar completes. 

See On Demand requirements and preparation.

Both Live and On Demand

Many live WEBinar attendees also like to get the On Demand version to have a good review, especially since PowerPoint files are only available with the On Demand order.  

Guidelines to using our WEBinars: 

  • It's not a bad idea, when logging into a Live WEBinar, to close all other browsers and most other applications to prevent processing contentions that can interfere with the "handshake" transmission on the web, leading to connectivity errors.
  • Be sure your PC, browser cache, spam blocker, and server firewall are pre-conditioned:  the test WEBinar is most important conditioning test you can run.  
  • Unbelievably, for live WEBinars some firewalls are so slow that dial-up performance can be much faster. (This becomes especially apparent during the live meeting.)
  • We usually close registration on the same day as the test WEBinar, at the end of the day.  If you use this test two days before the WEBinar event as the only way to make a registration decision, you may not be able to register in time.  Further, if you have not done any needed pre-conditioning, and do this test first, you may not have time to complete this task, especially if server administrators are involved.  Many server administrators have work backlogs and may need long lead times.
  • The test WEBinar may contain additional login details and times.
  • No refunds or exchanges for no-shows or un-conditioned PCs or servers.  
  • When you get your meeting link or On Demand link, test it immediately, even before the meeting starts or before you need the On Demand contents.  
  • Live WEBinar registration closes one day before event.  
  • On Demand link available for 7-14 days after order only. 
  • Click on "WEBinar preparation" within each WEBinar description.  
  • See our Customer Satisfaction and Return Policy,  for more information.
  • Address other questions via our "Frequently Asked Questions" within our WEBinars and Resources as needed.


Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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