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Managing Projects Well (mpw) Detail

Detailed Chronological Learning Goals  

  1. Definition of projects and roles of team members and project managers:
  • what is a project?
  • what is not a project? (with examples) 
  • delegation 
  • true teams 
  • removing fear in the team 
  • who estimates 
  • walking in the other's shoes
  1. Doing the thing right -  Project Quality: 
  • technical TQM overview, its relationship to projects
  • moments of magic and misery
  • why projects fail
  • why quality is squeezed
  • quality technical definitions
  • cost of (poor) quality
  • includes exercises, detailed case study
  1. Technical and behavioral project pressures: 
  • limited role of tools
  • technical overview
  • steps we often skip
  • working a schedule backwards
  • what makes the difference 
  1. Technical project management review: 
  • planning, estimating, and control
  • work breakdown structures
  • scheduling
  • terms
  • critical path diagramming, purpose in a human system
  • manual computation exercise
  • group team planning exercise
  1. Getting your own house in order: Managing your time well: 
  • personal strengths and needs
  • a new way to log and plan time
  • time wasters
  • changing bad habits right away
  • urgent vs. important
  • how to restructure your day
  • doubling your productivity
  • general planning model for small projects
  • multiple drill and practice, and exercises
  • a specific daily technique
  1. Handling change, dealing with the unexpected, and making the best first impression: 
  • key allies
  • critical mass of support
  • when to measure change
  • dealing with reaction
  • whether message sent equals message received
  • making improvements
  1. Stress Management: 
  • two ways of preventing it 
  • two ways of correcting it 
  • getting the monkey off your back
  • changing micromanagement
  • improving initiative in others
  • thorough progressive relaxation response
  • alternative quick anti-stress method
  • drill and practice
  1. Getting other's houses in order: 
  • working with others - one on one
  • building rapport
  • the secret message
  • walking in other's shoes comprehensively
  • how to manage your boss
  • relationship strategies
  • matching communication styles
  • substantial exercises and practice
  1. Written communication quality: Biggest offenders and antidotes.
  2. Working with others - groups - meetings and presentation effectiveness: 
  • effective general meetings
  • the power of metaphors
  • team dynamics and dysfunctions and remedies
  • problem solving meetings and steps
  1. Handling conflict, dealing with criticism:
  • criticism deflection method
  • alternatives
  • the power of language
  • conflict management method
  • self-assessment
  1. Doing the right thing: creativity techniques and requirements gathering. 
  • brainstorming
  • brain writing
  • wiggle charts
  • role of creativity even in technical areas
  • what makes requirements ambiguous; detecting, testing, and removing ambiguity
  • hazards of closed-ended questions and interviews
  • improved elicitation strategies
  1. Effective staffing and work, and motivation:
  • who motivates who
  • content of the work
  • how to staff
  • how to motivate


Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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