Downloads and Free Website Access 

Virus checkers and spy ware

These need to be disabled, or add the web sites to these program's exception list, either on your PC or on the server, as needed.

Test download capability

For downloads from our site only (Internet Explorer): right click for download test.

You may need to permit downloads from because you may need to install the latest version of Flash in case yours is out of date.

For downloads from conduct the test WEBinar, and download the PowerPoint as instructed when the test WEBinar is in active status.


You must set your computer to allow pop-ups from because you wouldn't be able to login to the WEBinar unless you do and you wouldn't be able to download materials posted in the WEBinar during the meeting unless you do.  

Generally, your browser will prompt you to allow pop-ups; simply, respond "yes" 

Sometimes browsers don't prompt.

Test if pop-ups work: click here.

FIX: Be sure to add the following sites to your exception list. These lists can be located in your browser; in security software installed on your system; or your corporate firewall may provide a popup blocker.  If it is on your server, you may not get the chance to override it during the meeting, so make sure your server is pre-conditioned.  

Left click on each link to prove access; websites with asterisks may need download capability.****


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