E-mail Considerations

We send via e-mail: 

  • live WEBinar links
  • On Demand WEBinar links 
  • attachments (chat transcripts) 
  • links to evaluation/feedback surveys 
  • group e-mails, sent to BCC: for privacy of others
  • etc.

So, even if you have received ordinary e-mails from us before, e-mails from us having important registration information may be screened out because they contain embedded links or attachments.  Also, watch out for insidious hyperlink scrambling or changes.  This is particularly nasty.  Some e-mail processing on servers (not on your machine) have been known to subtly change certain characters in the middle of a hyperlink, changing letters, adding spaces, and question marks. We haven't seen this happen to hyperlinks in attachments yet, but who knows what the future holds! 

Basic Requirements: 

Your PC and server must be able to accept rich text (HTML) e-mail containing both explicit and embedded hyperlinks, graphics, and attachments.  

Permit e-mails from/to: 

  1. Adobe.com and acrobat.com because acrobat.com issues "night before" reminder registration link e-mails using  as a return address.  
  2. Qualityconn.com because adobe.com automatically issues e-mails from you to us via certain registration form confirmations and also automated "mailto" actions from our website. 
  3. Zoomerang.com  because we use Zoomerang.com to issue our WEBinar evaluation/feedback survey e-mails to you via  as a return address.
  4. Constantcontact.com because we use this to notify you of upcoming future WEBinars and to get your preferences should you decide to join our mailing list.
  5. Paypal.com because paypal will email you your payment receipt.
  6. , and  because our responses to your order originate from  using  as a reply/return address and from  which uses  as a reply/return address.  

FIX: Use our e-mail fail-safes: 

  1. Register with the e-mail as a non-business (i.e., personal or home-use e-mail) address. (There are many free email services available such as Hotmail.com, Yahoo.com, Mail.com, and more). 

    As a rule, if you let us know you did not receive a registration e-mail, we will NOT re-attempt to your business e-mail address -- if it was filtered out before, it will be filtered out again. Remember, we do not retain addresses for mailing list reasons or any other purpose unless you explicitly sign up for our mailing list.
  2. If you have any doubt about e-mail reception, we will send an e-mail containing links as a test, and then a follow-up, to prove whether or not your SPAM blocker has been disabled. 

    About SPAM: SPAM filters on your machine may either delete these e-mails or move them to a SPAM folder.  If your server has a SPAM filtering mechanism, you will not be so lucky.  You probably will not even see these e-mails in any folder, including SPAM. 

Test your Live WEBinar link and/ or On Demand link 

Click on the link in the e-mail you receive from us immediately, even before the meeting starts or before you need the On Demand contents. 

OK: your Live WEBinar link is OK if you click on the link and it shows you a login page; do a trial login with your email address login and password; it should show that the meeting has not yet started.

NOT OK: your Live WEBinar link is NOT OK if the page you get when you click on the link is not found, or shows that the meeting does not exist, is full, or has already been completed. REASON: Your link may have been partially corrupted. The only valid response is the "meeting" has "Not yet started." 

FIX: Use our fail-safe Precautions: we send all registrants an emergency link, the night before the meeting/WEBinar. 

Re-login using this link, if something goes wrong with your unique link at the last minute.

Test your On Demand link

OK: your On Demand link should take you to a web page on our site with the proper WEBinar title and date.

NOT OK: your On Demand link is NOT OK if it takes you get A "page not found" error. Your link may have been partially corrupted:

  1. Be sure your browser cache is cleared 
  2. Refresh (F5) the page and try again before deciding it is permanently broken. 

Note: attempting to use an On Demand link more than 14 days after you received it may also get a "page not found" error since the link is only available for 14 days and your time has expired; however, you own it, if you bought it, and all you need to do is contact us and we will make special arrangements to make a new link available to you. 


Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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