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Stephen A. Bender
, CO  
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For USA availability, click here.
For international availability, click here.

Availability Schedule Legend:
Black dates are potentially available for booking
Red dates are unavailable and booked to other clients 
Green dates are available only for travel to/from client site
When away from base, state/country/company name may take place of date


To avoid using an out-of-date cached copy of this schedule, hit <F5>.

  • If a state abbreviation is included in lieu of a numeric date, that is the USA state or country I am in on that date.  

  • If you are in that state, advance travel days and airfare to you might not be necessary. 

  • Sometimes charter company abbreviations are used instead of states; if ambiguous, company names will be in lower case.

  • The abbreviation "AG" stands for a.m. ground: I am available, but must be on the ground connected to the internet in the a.m.

  • The abbreviation "PG" stands for p.m. ground: I am available, but must be on the ground connected to the internet in the p.m.

Black dates, potentially available for booking, are not currently scheduled to other customers.  Most likely these dates are available.  Please call or email us to confirm.  Our voicemail will have last minute changes not yet posted to the schedule.

If situation is urgent or you cannot reach us immediately, go ahead and consider that date(s) available to you and advise us that you have booked that time. 

Red dates, which are unavailable and booked to other clients, are either hard dates booked off to others or dates placed on hold for activities either in or out of town. 

If situation is urgent, we still may be able to work with you for those times.  Sometimes these times are local personal appointments or may be held tentatively for other clients.  We may be able to cancel that restriction and book the time for you.  Please call us anyway so we can work with you on these dates.

Green dates, available only for travel to/from client site, are available locally (Denver Colorado USA area) as if they are black dates.  However, for out of town clients, that date is used for travel to the location.  

Depending on timing, availability may still exist later on in that day for out of town engagements.  Please call so we can discuss your needs.



Quality \conn\, To conduct or direct the steering of; the control exercised by one who steers a vessel 

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