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Testing Related WEBINARS non-series

Managing Testing Projects Well

Abstract: Why do projects fail? Well known around the world for its pragmatic, interactive approach, the Managing Projects Well and The Human Side of Project Management seminars are a favorite for seasoned project managers and team members alike, as well as those just starting the journey because it hits the BIG 3: Managing Projects, People, and Time

Using Software Testing Metrics for Effectiveness 

Abstract: How do you assess your organization's readiness to measure? Understand the difference between measures and metrics? How do you implement the 5-step measurement process? This WEBinar will cover the key fundamentals of a measurement process.

Skills Inventory for Today's Software Project Managers

Effectively managing the process of software development requires the software project manager to be competent in a range of skills. This WEBinar covers the key principles and practices of a software project manager. It does this by showing a skills inventory that is needed by software professionals to be a good software project manager. 

The Focus. The WEBinar will outline eleven knowledge domains which describe the necessary skill sets that today’s software project manager must possess. 

Addressing the Top Ten Testing Challenges

Abstract: What has research shown are the top 10 testing challenges? How have others experienced these challenges? What have your colleagues done to address these issues? And finally, what are the recommended solutions by the QAI to address these top 10 testing concerns?

Communication Tools to Address the Top Ten Testing Challenge

Abstract: William Perry and Randy Rice did a study of the top 10 software testing challenges and how to address them. This is in a book, which can be acquired from the Quality Assurance Institute. These are major challenges and many of them can be addressed with specialized interaction and communication tools. 

Economics of Continuous Testing 

Abstract: How do you save money by testing continuously throughout the development life cycle? How do you specifically compute the amount of money saved by injecting specific amounts of testing early in the life cycle? Why are defects introduced early and found very late the most costly to remove? Why are so many people still think testing is done as a single life cycle phase? We'll also cover the importance of both verification testing and validation testing     

Test Automation

Abstract: The term "testing tool" does not automatically imply automation.  QAI has documented 30+ testing tools and 10+ testing techniques for all phases of the testing process, both general and detailed.  

User Acceptance Testing

Abstract: User Acceptance Testing is the final phase of any system testing regimen. It is the last place where the user gets to determine whether or not the software meets his or her requirements. These requirements can also include structural requirements, such as robustness, integrity, ability to handle heavy loads, and so on.

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